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Check out frequently asked questions for Express Player.

How to install Express Player?

Please download the file to your computer, and wait until installation process is complete. When finished, open the file and click "Install Express Player". In order to change the default installation directory and additional preferences click "Options" available from the installer start page.

How to play the video with Express Player?

In order to open the video with Express Player, please choose one of the following options:

Start the player and drag and drop the video you want to play into the player window.

Start the player, click on the "Play" button, select and open the video you want to play in the dialog box.

During the installation you were offered to "Make Express Player default system video player". If you did not disable this option, just double-click on the desired video file and it will automatically open in Express Player.

Right-click on the video file, go to "Open With" box and choose "Express Player".

What does option "Make Express Player default system video player" mean?

This option can be seen by clicking on "Options" in the start page of the installer. Enabling this option means that all the video files on your computer will be open by default in Express Player. The current version of the player opens by default the following file types: mkv, .avi, etc.

How to uninstall Express Player?

You can use two methods to remove the player from your computer:

1.Go to the "Start" menu > "All Programs" > Select "Express Player" > Choose "Uninstall" and click "Yes" to confirm this in the opened window.

2. Go to the "Start" menu > "Control Panel" > "Programs and Features" > Select "Express Player" > Choose "Uninstall" and click "Yes" to confirm this in the opened window.

How to open recently viewed video files?

Express Player keeps track of all video files you have opened. In order to open one of the recently viewed video files, click on the player settings icon, go to "Other" and select the desired file in the list that appears. The option to clean the list of recently viewed files is not supported.