Express Features

Express Player is a simple, lightweight yet featureful media player which can read all video files. While other media players may require additional codecs to play different files, Express Player doesn’t need any other codec packs as it handles all possible formats.

There is an option to watch a movie with the original audio track and subtitles in any language you want, and more other useful options. With its user-friendly interface and simple management, Express Player can easily replace popular built-in media players and make your movie watching experience even more comfortable.

Express Player supports Windows and OS X.

Video Formats

mp1v (MPEG-1 Video - for portability)

mp2v (MPEG-2 Video - used in DVDs)

mp4v (MPEG-4 Video)

SVQ1 (Sorenson Video v1)

SVQ3 (Sorenson Video v3)

DVDv (VOB Video - used in DVDs)

WMV1 (Windows Media Video v1)

WMV2 (Windows Media Video v2)

DVSD (Digital Video)




theo (Theora)

IV20 (Indeo Video)

RV10 (Real Media Video)

cvid (Cinepak)

VP31 (On2 VP)

FLV1 (Flash Video)

CYUV (Creative YUV)

HFYU (Huffman YUV)

MSVC (Microsoft Video v1)

MRLE (Microsoft RLE Video)

AASC (Autodesc RLE Video)

FLIC (FLIC video)


VP8 (VP8 Video)

Subtitles Codecs

AQTitle (*.aqt)

CVD (*.cvd)

DVB Subtitles (in DVB streams)

DKS (*.dks)

JACOSub (*.jss)

Kate (inside Oggs)

MicroDVD (*.sub)

MPEG-4 Timed Text (*.ttxt)

MPL2 (*.mpl, *.txt)

MPSub (*.sub)

OggWrit (inside Oggs)

Phoenix Subtitle (*.pjs)

PowerDivX (*.psb)

RealText / SMIL (*.rt)

SAMI (*.smi)

Structured Subtitle Format (*.ssf)

SubRip (*.srt)

SSA/ASS (*.ssa)

SubViewer (*.sub)

SVCD (*.svcd)

Universal Subtitle (*.usf)

VOBSub (*.sub, *.idx)

VPlayer (*.txt)

DivX Subtitles (XSUB) (embedded in .divx)

Media Type

DVD disk (dvd drive needed)

Blu-Ray disk (blu-ray drive needed)

.mkv, .mp4, .flv... video codecs... plugins... media player upgrades...

Still trying to figure out what does it all mean? — With Express Player you will forget it all.